Photo of Hazel Key.‘If you really are bored enough to wanna know about me (Hazel) well … frankly you get what you deserve.’

Hazel was a graphic designer, mother and dutiful wife before discovering, all in a rush, the joys of creating feisty, funny, mad, gorgeous, nasty, heroic and otherwise interesting characters.

Then she noticed how surprising, how exciting and how funny a story can get when you throw those characters into a plot wild enough to make them howl.

She’s decided to keep doing it.

She reckons Romantic Humour with a good smack of Suspense is the best genre.

Her favourite character is Crystal, the reluctant hippie-cum-enthusiastic research scientist who’s life is far crazier than her own, BECAUSE her life is far crazier than her own, and because that’s saying something.

Hazel wonders if she’s the only woman in Brisbane who vacuums her bath.

Her book Crystal Vision is out very soon. You can register for your free copy here



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