Microscopy of Rat's Neurones.

Crystal Parties with Cocaine, Rats or Both?

Where will you find Crystal Weaver at 10pm on a Saturday night? Stumbling around the dance floor, stepping on toes and spilling cocktails? No, she’ll be living it up in her own unique way. Behind the telescope, or equally the microscope gazing in wonder at the microscopy of a rattus norvegicus. And she¬†won’t give a … Read more

Rat's Brain Microscopy.

Crystal Vision Raises Questions

Is there another reality beyond that which we can see and touch and feel? Are Crystals really healing? Is it possible that every one of us has a Goddess steering us through danger? Does greed have the potential to destroy us? Can love rescue? And finally, is Crystal’s vision the only true reality ? Who … Read more

Photo of a Magellanic cloud Galaxy.

Crystal is Born

Crystal was born at 10.03 on a clear night in 1987 in the middle of a damp paddock. She emerged face-up, looking at the stars (which reminds me of a gorgeous quote by Oscar Wilde, one of my fave heroes). But I digress. Given the nature of her birth it’s not surprising that Crystal developed … Read more