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Twenty Nine year old Crystal Weaver, having dragged herself from the depths of doom to the lofty echelons of the academic world now faces a doozy of a problem. And it’s all thanks to Mya.

Mya’s ultimatum, delivered with her usual persuasive charm has whooshed Crystal into a mission to rescue a soul, the soul of thirty-five year old Jake Dawson.
So Who’s Mya? The goddess who’s protected Crystal since the day her mother was drugged to death, that’s all. And she ‘aint budging. Mya that is.

So Crystal is set to enter Jake’s world of murky deals, and business breakfasts, of short-skirted hanger’s-on who leave bright red lipstick stains all over the place. It’s a world she abhors, yet enter it she must if she’s to rescue him.

But why exactly is she doing this? Will she succeed? And how the heck is it all going to end? To find out register for your Free! copy here.

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