Photo of a Magellanic cloud Galaxy.

Crystal is Born

Crystal was born at 10.03 on a clear night in 1987 in the middle of a damp paddock. She emerged face-up, looking at the stars (which reminds me of a gorgeous quote by Oscar Wilde, one of my fave heroes). But I digress.

Photo of a Magellanic cloud Galaxy.Given the nature of her birth it’s not surprising that Crystal developed a fascination for astronomy as big as a universe. She’s also blessed with an insatiable curiosity and a love of all things beautiful. She drove her mother mad.

Crystal had her first crush at the age of five upon discovering the notion of Space and Time and the man who introduced that concept to humanity.

Her first major tantrum followed immediately, when her mother (the killjoy) insisted that no, she could not marry Einstein, and no it was not because he was already married but because the man was  dead. I mean, his ashes had been blowing about New Jersey for the past thirty-five years for Buddha’s sake, plus his brain was floating in a jar somewhere. Crystal wanted to go to see it, so they could at least have a chat, but her mother, looking rather crest-fallen explained that a trip to America was really rather outside her budget.

Crystal recovered rapidly upon unearthing the Dalai Lama. But then suffered a serious relapse when, sighing heavily, her mother patiently explained that there was no chance of marrying him either.

Crystal went off men after that, deciding that rats were more … available.

So, a picture begins to emerge of a troubled soul aching to be loved, of a love life as bumpy as a tricycle with square wheels.

But her passion for astronomy, her sense of awe, her reverence for all things unexplained steadied her nerves and has sustained her through the bad times, of which there have been plenty over the years. And so, appropriately I share with you an image of the sky as it appeared on that night in June when she was born.

Talk soon.



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