Hazel's Design and Photography Work

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Packaging Logo


 Photography and Calendar


Book Design and Photography

Example page of a leaving book.

Book Design, Photography
and Production

Cover of book The Clever Packed Lunch.

Corporate Identity and
Promotional Literature

Logo Design for Brian Clarke, Editor.


 'Hazel is a graphic designer who really cares about getting the design just right. She took the time to talk with me at length about the design brief and offered her own suggestions which showed me she really understood what was needed. I was thrilled with her final product.'
Naomi Waldron Learning designer. September 16, 2014, Naomi was Hazel's client.

'Hazel did a wonderful job taking photos, ensuring key colleagues (of the Director) were included, collating quotes, then designing and arranging printing of the book.  The final product was professional and beautiful, with the leaving Director saying it was one of the best gifts she had ever received and one that she would treasure.'
Karen Dunshea
President, Board of the Rudolf Steiner Education Group Brisbane

'Hazel did a great job designing a new logo, business card, and brochure for me. She was thoughtful, careful, dedicated to the task, and easy to work with. I was very satisfied with the way she took me through the stages until a distinctive image emerged. I highly recommend Hazel for her professional design skills. '
Brian Clarke Editor